Are you thinking of applying to universities in the UK or The Netherlands?


Learn everything you need to know about studying in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom from the comfort of your sofa - join us for free online webinars with representatives of various Dutch and British universities, university alumni and our experienced educational consultants!
17.04 Rotterdam Business School - study Business in The Netherlands!
21.04 Essex University - University of the year 2018
22.04 Northumbria University - study in the UK
24.04 Study in the Netherlands - meet Dutch university alumni
27.04 Falmouth University - Creative Careers
28.04 Study in the UK - meet British graduates

All webinars will take place at 17:00 (except for Rotterdam School -16:30)

Are you thinking of applying to universities in the UK or The Netherlands? Perhaps you are looking for more information on how student financing works in Europe? Look no further - you are in the right place!

Is a bicycle all I really need in the Netherlands?
What is afternoon tea in the UK?
Is it true that as an EU national I get a 50% discount on the first year tuition fees in The Netherlands?
How can I apply for a student loan in the UK?
What sort of study programmes are there - I am interested in Engineering, my friend in Business and her sister in Art and Design, will we find something that suits our interests?
Can I find a student job during my studies?
What about campus life? Accommodation, facilities, lectures
What makes the education system abroad so unique?

You will find the answers to these questions and many more during our online webinars.
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