Meet UK and Dutch Universities! 

Chat with representatives and alumni of top Dutch and British universities - now this is possible anywhere you are, from the comfort of your room, sofa or garden thanks to our free online webinar series in May 2020!

- 07.05 Tilburg University - a #5 worldwide for Business, #52 worldwide for Law university
- 08.05 Breda University of Applied Sciences – one of the best practical universities in the Netherlands
- 12.05 De Montfort University - choose from 400+ programs!
- 14.05 Graduating in 2021? - plan your future with Baltic Council today!
- 20.05 Study in the Netherlands - meet Dutch university graduates
- 22.05 University of Central Lancashire - study in the UK
- 27.05 Study in the UK - meet British university graduates

All webinars will take place at 17:00.

What can you expect during the webinars? What answers will you find?

Can I apply to universities abroad if I am graduating from Estonian high school in 20201? The answer is YES! Join our webinars to find out how and why!

✅Is it true that as an EU national I get a 50% discount on the first year tuition fees in The Netherlands?
✅How can I apply for a student loan in the UK?
✅ What sort of study programmes are there - I am interested in Engineering, my friend in Business and her sister in Art and Design, will we find something that suits our interests?
✅ Can I find a student job during my studies?
✅ What about campus life? Accommodation, facilities, lectures
✅ What makes the education system abroad so unique?
✅Why is studying abroad a good idea and what are the benefits?

You will find the answers to these questions and many more during our online webinars. Remember to sign up here:

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